These days you can borrow against your home and use the money for more or less whatever you want. If that’s to finance your business you can claim a tax deduction for the interest you pay. But if the property and therefore the loan is in joint names, will you lose half the tax relief?

The tax legislation includes an exemption for staff long-service awards, but the qualifying conditions are tough and the tax-free reward isn’t generous. Is there a better alternative?

Despite special restrictions that apply to residential lets the tax rules allow landlords deductions for the cost of running their property rental businesses. Not all of these are well known. Are you claiming all that you’re entitled to?

Many years ago you sold some shares for considerably less than you paid for them. You’ve never had cause to claim the capital gains tax loss. Is it too late to do so?

In all your years in business you’ve never needed to register for VAT. However, a one-off and potentially lucrative contract will temporarily push your turnover above the registration limit. Can you dodge registration?