You and your spouse are considering issuing so-called alphabet shares in your newly formed company. You’ve heard that HMRC doesn’t approve of these but can it legitimately prevent you from using them to save tax?

The tax rules include a special system of tax relief - capital allowances - for equipment used in a business. It can apply to purchases made personally or by the business. Which of these is most tax efficient?

Driving a company van rather than a car can save you and your business tax and NI. In fact, there’s no tax charge at all if you stick to HMRC’s conditions; what are they?

A business must be trading to qualify for tax relief on its costs. However, special rules exist for start-up costs. How do these apply for salaries paid to directors and other workers before a business begins to generate income?

A customer has asked you to send her a full VAT invoice instead of the simple retail receipt you’ve given her. She says without one she can’t reclaim the VAT. Is she correct?