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    A taxpayer who does not agree with a decision can ask HMRC to review its decision or lodge an appeal.

    appeal and postponement of direct tax

    Appeal and postponement of direct taxThis standard letter can be used to make an appeal against any direct tax assessment, e.g. income tax, corporation tax, capital gains tax etc., but not VAT, customs...

    6. Closing the investigation - What happens once all the tax liabilities have been agreed?

    What happens once all the tax liabilities have been agreed?Closure will be in one of the following ways:a letter setting out what has been agreedan amendment of the self-assessmentthe issue of...

    HMRC hammered by tribunal over penalties

    HMRC hammered by tribunal over penalties..Late tax return. HMRC issued fines to Mr Pokorowski (P) for submitting his tax return late despite a serious illness resulting in him becoming homeless...

    Were you late for a good reason?

    Were you late for a good reason?..Amusing epic fails. HMRC recently released a short tongue-in-cheek video showing a few of the lamest excuses it’s been given for missing the self-assessment deadline....

    Penalties - the Taxman's new line

    HMRC has a new approach to appeals made against tax return late filing penalties. So if you happen to miss a deadline, how might you be affected?

    Missing PAYE records

    In a recent court case the Taxman’s right to alter figures included on a self-assessment tax return was challenged. What practical lessons can you learn from the outcome of this case?