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    Living accommodation is not specifically defined but is taken to mean all kinds of residential accommodation with the exception of overnight accommodation, a stay in a hotel room, or board and lodging....

    Tax breaks for company-owned holiday homes

    Holiday homes aren’t cheap to buy or run, especially where you meet the cost out of your taxed income. You could instead get your company to pay, but what are the pros and cons of doing this?

    NI refund for property owners

    The Taxman is offering refunds going back years to companies that paid NI linked to residential property ownership. What’s the full story?

    Tax-efficient house purchase

    If your business is relocating to a more expensive area, or you’ve got your eye on a property that’s just out of your price range, is there any way in which your company can help with the...

    VAT on loft conversions

    You’ve thought about converting/refurbishing part of your house into an office, so that you can occasionally work from home. The quote you’ve had includes a sizeable amount of VAT. Is there...

    Flat increase in salary

    Finding affordable housing is a real worry for employees these days. So if you are having trouble attracting good staff have you considered offering free accommodation? If so, how can you make...

    A flattering alternative

    A potential employee asks for a higher net income because of his travelling costs. But how much extra tax will this cost you? You don’t want to lose him, so how do you satisfy him and yourself?