Income tax - Trading income - Sole traders - Profits - Computation of trading income - The cash basis of taxation - Introduction - 21010

    An optional alternative method of computing taxable profits is available to eligible individuals and partnerships carrying on an unincorporated business. Profits are computed on the basis of...

    Cash basis - decision time for some landlords

    As a landlord you might need to make extra calculations when completing your 2017/18 tax return because of the new basis for working out profit. What sort of adjustments are required and is there...

    New era of cash-based taxation begins

    From April 2017, changes to the rules for reporting taxable profits on a cash basis mean that more clients will be able to use the simplified regime. What do you need to know?

    Simplified accounting to reduce your tax bill

    If your business meets the conditions, you can use simplified accounting for tax purposes. It might even lower your tax bill. Is this something you should consider?