Corporation tax - Administration - Notification - Notification by the company - 18050

    HMRC is notified by Companies House when a new company is formed and will usually send a form CT41G, which can be used by the company to notify coming within the charge. However, it is the company's responsibility...

    Dodging the tax bill on a director’s loan

    When a director shareholder owes their company money which isn’t repaid in a relatively short time, a corporation tax charge is triggered. How can the tax bill be delayed or avoided altogether?

    A change of date can reduce your company’s tax bill

    Varying profits can play havoc with cash flow, especially when it’s time to pay corporation tax. Changing your company’s accounting date can help, but when are you allowed to do it?

    Choosing a tax-efficient accounting date

    Your company got off to a slow start, but with the end of its first year in sight it’s doing well. Should you prepare accounts for the period specified by Companies House or can you change...

    A moving experience

    Your company year-end is approaching at one of your busiest times. You could do with postponing it for a variety of reasons but are not sure of the tax implications. Is there any real tax advantage in...