Capital gains tax - Specific types of disposal - Special relationship with the seller - Connected persons - 48400

    Many capital gains tax provisions apply special rules for disposals made to connected persons.

    Small business incorporation - minimising tax without BADR

    Your business is growing steadily and your accountant has advised you transfer it to a company to save income tax. For maximum tax efficiency should you do this immediately or delay?

    Realising tax-free cash from your assets

    You need a little extra cash. You could take it from your company which has a healthy bank balance, but this usually means more tax and possibly NI. Is there a way to get cash from your company...

    Selling your company - simple steps to reduce CGT

    Capital gains tax rates are at their lowest ever. So if you’re selling your company and expect to make a gain you probably won’t want to consider high-risk schemes to save tax. Are there...

    Rent sharing agreement

    Your tax position varies from year to year. If you jointly own property is there a way to split the income from it differently each year, so as to take advantage of any changes in your circumstances?

    Get a court order

    If you’ve got to transfer shares in a family company as part of a divorce settlement, there’s a potential Capital Gains Tax problem that you’ll have to solve first. However, case law has...

    Freezing losses

    One of the rules of Capital Gains Tax is that gains and losses made in the same tax year must be offset. This could mean you pay too much tax by missing out on another tax relief. Is there a...