Capital gains tax - Specific types of disposal - Special relationship with the seller - Gifts - 48345

    The general rule is that where assets are disposed of by way of a gift (i.e. for little or no consideration), the disposal, and the connected acquisition, are deemed to take place for a consideration equal...

    IHT and CGT - avoiding damage when two taxes collide

    Inheritance tax and capital gains tax planning can work against each other and even result in double taxation. How can you dodge this trap?

    How to use your children’s CGT exemptions

    Shifting investments to your children to avoid tax on the income they generate is a very limited tax-saving strategy, but it can work for capital gains tax. How can you make it work for you?

    Selling your company - simple steps to reduce CGT

    Capital gains tax rates are at their lowest ever. So if you’re selling your company and expect to make a gain you probably won’t want to consider high-risk schemes to save tax. Are there...