Capital gains tax - Computation - 46000

    In order to calculate the amount of capital gains tax payable, a computation is required for each transaction, before considering the utilisation of: - any losses; - reliefs; and - the annual exemption.

    Cashing in capital gains

    The effect of the so-called “Boris bounce” on the stock market has faded but values of some shares have held up. If you want to cash in how do you work out the optimum number of shares to...

    year-end tax planning checklist

    tax planning checklist 2017/18Each tax year there are a number of tax allowances, exemptions and rate bands which if not utilised are essentially wasted as you cannot carry them forward. We've...

    2018/19 capital gains tax annual exemption set at £11,700

    The Capital Gains Tax (Annual Exempt Amount) Order 2018 sets the annual exempt amount for individuals in 2018/19. What does it mean?

    Getting a cash bonus from a weak sterling value

    Since the EU referendum on 23 June 2016, the value of the pound has dipped sharply against both the US dollar and the euro. How could your clients use this fluctuation to secure an unexpected...

    Investing in another company tax efficiently

    One of your friends is looking for investors in his company and has offered you shares in it. You’re going to buy them, but is it more tax efficient for you to do so through your own company...

    Agreeing an asset value with HMRC

    If you have to use a valuation when calculating a capital gain (or loss), it is sometimes necessary to request an agreement of valuation from HMRC. How do you do this?

    Why generosity could land you with a CGT bill

    A recent tribunal decision is a sharp reminder of a little known capital gains tax trap. The taxpayer on the wrong end of the ruling had sold a property to his fiancée at a bargain price. This...

    A simple plan to increase CGT exemptions

    HMRC has tough anti-avoidance laws to stop you reducing your tax bill by diverting income to your children. However, when it comes to capital gains tax you can make the rules work to your advantage. What’s...

    Cashing in on stock market gains

    The stock market is currently in bullish form, but how can you bank your current and future gains tax-free?