Unlike income tax where you’re only allowed one tax-free allowance, NI gives you one allowance for each job you hold. Naturally, there are conditions, so when can you take advantage of this NI break?

Many businesses, especially small and medium-sized ones, can claim tax relief for equipment for the financial period in which they buy it. However, you can still speed up relief if you buy at the right time. How is it done?

You’ve been offered a stake in a new venture. It will be run through a company. You’re unsure whether to buy the shares personally or invest via your company. Which is likely to be the most tax efficient?

A few years ago the Upper Tax Tribunal ruled that a letting of land was VATable. This appeared to contradict the general rule that such supplies are exempt. Is there a risk that you should be adding VAT to the rent you charge your tenant?

You employ several close family members in your business. The company already pays into a workplace pension for them but might there be a tax advantage to increasing the contributions?