When transferring an unincorporated business to a company it’s easy to overlook stamp duty land tax. When does it apply and what steps can you take to avoid it?

To cope with the effects of the pandemic, some businesses have changed their financial year end to delay tax or bring forward relief for losses. But might this also trigger an unexpected tax charge for director shareholders who have borrowed from their company?

You’re about to be posted to another part of the country for an extended period. You’re going to let your home to a friend while you’re away. Will you be entitled to claim rent-a-room relief against the rent you receive?

You’ve been offered a contract by a construction company to maintain properties on one of its recently completed sites. As the proprieties are wholly residential will the Construction Industry Scheme apply to the payment you receive?

After a difficult trading period you’re planning an event to encourage existing and potential customers to take a fresh look at your products. You’ll be laying on free food and drink at a local hotel. Will you be entitled to reclaim the VAT element?