Anti-avoidance rules limit capital gains tax entrepreneurs’ relief for owners of unincorporated businesses when they transfer their business to a company. Despite this it’s still possible to make the transfer tax efficient. How is it done?

There’s not much you can do about the fluctuations in the value of the pound but you can at least tackle the tax consequences correctly. What does this entail?

Life insurance premiums are necessarily expensive but some are cheaper than others. However, you can cut the cost further by getting your company to pay. How do you set this up?

Business property relief can prevent your executors and beneficiaries having to pay an inheritance tax bill on the value of your business. However, it’s not well known that the tax relief is wider than this. What other assets can it apply to?

If your business rents its premises you’ll usually need express permission from the landlord to make alterations to the property. Even then there’s a hidden trap that might prevent you from recovering VAT on the costs. How can you avoid it?