Reclaiming VAT for a promotional event

    After a difficult trading period you’re planning an event to encourage existing and potential customers to take a fresh look at your products. You’ll be laying on free food and drink at a...

    A director’s loan and change of accounting date

    To cope with the effects of the pandemic, some businesses have changed their financial year end to delay tax or bring forward relief for losses. But might this also trigger an unexpected tax...

    Claiming rent-a-room relief while you’re away

    You’re about to be posted to another part of the country for an extended period. You’re going to let your home to a friend while you’re away. Will you be entitled to claim rent-a-room relief...

    CIS and joint contracts - who pays the tax?

    You’ve been offered a contract by a construction company to maintain properties on one of its recently completed sites. As the proprieties are wholly residential will the Construction Industry...

    SDLT and transferring your business to a company

    When transferring an unincorporated business to a company it’s easy to overlook stamp duty land tax. When does it apply and what steps can you take to avoid it?

    The tax year-end car mileage trap

    For cars and vans there are two tax-free mileage rates. The higher is payable for the first 10,000 miles of business travel in a tax year and the lower thereafter. The trouble is, as one tax...

    The tax rights and wrongs of paying your partner

    A friend has suggested you follow his lead and pay your other half through the business to reduce tax on its profits. While this can work it won’t in all situations. Is it something you should consider?

    Can you claim the tax-free property allowance?

    The property allowance was introduced in 2017. It allows you up to £1,000 tax-free income from property as a simple alternative to claiming expenses in some circumstances. How does it work and...

    When is the right time to opt to tax a property?

    Whether you apply VAT to land and buildings that you own can be an important factor in your business tax planning. What are the key factors you should take into account before you “opt to tax”?

    Can you invest your pension fund in your business?

    There are strict rules on what your pension fund is allowed to invest in. Generally, using it to provide funds for your business is a no-no, but there are exceptions. Is this something you can...