PAYE and NIC - Pay as you earn - PAYE deductions - PAYE codes - Letter - Special codes - 40385

    The following codes operate in a different way. Letter Meaning Situation where normally used 0T Tax to be deducted in the order of basic rate, higher rate, then additional rate, with no allowances Allowances...

    PAYE and NIC - Pay as you earn - Other payments and deductions - 40905

    Employers often remunerate their employees by way of benefits in kind. In addition, an employer is required to make certain payments in compliance with state-imposed obligations.

    PAYE and NIC - National Insurance contributions - Contributions for employees - Class 1A contributions - 43655

    All taxable benefits in kind (¶27415+) are liable to Class 1A contributions unless they are specifically excluded (¶43660) or already liable to Class 1 (for example readily convertible assets). Contributions...

    Coronavirus pressures hits HMRC system

    Coronavirus pressures hits HMRC system..Realocation. The deadline for filing the annual Form P11D is 6 July each year. However, due to HMRC staff being reallocated to prioritise helping businesses...

    Are clients aware of the NMW rule changes?

    The national minimum wage increases went ahead as planned in April 2020. However, the new rates aren’t the only thing to have changed. What else do you need to make your clients aware...

    Now’s the time to payroll benefits in kind

    With the start of each new tax year comes the chance to “payroll” your employees’ benefits in kind. What are the advantages of payrolling and how does it work in practice?

    Payroll year end - what’s still to be done?

    The 2018/19 tax year is now over, but your clients’ reporting obligations for it are likely to need completing. What still needs to be done, and what in particular should you be careful to...

    Tax-efficient rewards for multiple directorships

    As an alternative to salary or dividends, benefits in kind are a potentially tax-efficient option for directors, especially those of multiple companies. What’s the advantage and when can you...

    Changes to PSA settlements

    With the deadline for paying tax on 2016/17 PAYE settlement agreements (PSA) just a few weeks away, HMRC has unveiled some changes. As an employer, how might they affect you?

    Payrolling benefits reminder

    HMRC has issued a reminder that the deadline to enrol for the payrolling of benefits is fast approaching. When and how do your clients need to notify HMRC?