Income tax - Employment income - Expenses and benefits - II. Benefits in kind - Taxable benefits - Living accommodation - 27465

    Living accommodation is not specifically defined but is taken to mean all kinds of residential accommodation with the exception of overnight accommodation, a stay in a hotel room, or board and lodging....

    Income tax - Employment income - Expenses and benefits - II. Benefits in kind - Taxable benefits - Living accommodation - b. Ancillary expenses - Employee in job-related accommodation - 27515

    Where the provision of living accommodation is not taxable because the employee satisfies one of the exceptions in ¶27475, the amount assessable in respect of ancillary services (other than...

    Using a company credit card tax free

    You need some extra personal cash for a relatively short term. You could borrow from your company, assuming it has the funds, but this has tax consequences. Might a company credit card be a better solution?

    OpRA - benefits transition period closing

    When optional remuneration arrangements (OpRAs) were introduced in 2017 some benefits in kind were given a four-year transitional window. This ends on 5 April 2021. What are the key elements?

    Tax-efficient income from your company

    There are broadly three ways to extract income from your company but none of them is singularly the most tax efficient. What factors should you be considering when deciding which one to use?

    Taxis to work - the tax and NI implications

    The government is urging businesses to get their staff back to their normal places of work. But some staff will be anxious about using public transport. What might be the tax and NI considerations...

    New tax exemption for homeworkers

    If staff are working from home you can temporarily reimburse the cost of equipment they need to buy on a tax and NI-free basis.

    6. Benefit in kind charge on outstanding loan - What is the benefit in kind charge?

    What is the benefit in kind charge?Since April 2016 the same rules apply to lower paid employees as those with higher earnings, with the exception of certain lower paid ministers of religion....

    Reducing your tax bill on perks

    In anticipation of another scorching summer you’ve used company cash to buy three mobile air conditioning units for your home. You realise that there will be tax and NI to pay on this perk,...

    If the company pays, how much will it cost you?

    From time to time your company pays one or two small personal bills so you don’t give it much thought. You now want go a step further and get the company pay a bill for member of your family....