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    An employer can choose to process certain benefits via the payroll, excluding living accommodation and beneficial loans.Comment The advantages of payrolling are: - benefits taxed in this way...

    Now’s the time to payroll benefits in kind

    With the start of each new tax year comes the chance to “payroll” your employees’ benefits in kind. What are the advantages of payrolling and how does it work in practice?

    Payroll year end - what’s still to be done?

    The 2018/19 tax year is now over, but your clients’ reporting obligations for it are likely to need completing. What still needs to be done, and what in particular should you be careful to...

    Payrolling benefits reminder

    HMRC has issued a reminder that the deadline to enrol for the payrolling of benefits is fast approaching. When and how do your clients need to notify HMRC?

    Payrolling benefits in kind letter to employee

    Payrolling benefits in kind letter to employeeHMRC usually collects tax on benefits by adjusting an employee's code number so that extra tax is collected, through the PAYE system, each time they...